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The top global content marketing brands in 2015
A CMO Show Blog Post
The top global content marketing...

The top global brands on LinkedIn for 2015 have been announced alongside the best content marketing brands from each country. See who made the cut…

For brand marketers using LinkedIn it’s imperative for them to be able to measure their content marketing efforts. At LinkedIn, content is king and engaging professional audiences with information that not only educates, but also inspires them is ultimately our goal.

Last year LinkedIn launched the Content Marketing Score and in turn identified the top 10 most influential global brands on LinkedIn. From Forbes, to the World Economic Forum to Mashable, all of these rose to the top when it came to content marketing efforts on LinkedIn.

best content marketing brands
Engagement is key: LinkedIn values content that is engaging and inspiring.

It’s been even bigger this year for brands and we are excited to share the top 10 most influential brands on LinkedIn for 2015. Notable and new to the list this year are Domo and EY, both of which are at the forefront of the content marketing revolution, effectively leveraging the LinkedIn platform to establish themselves as true thought leaders in the digital world.

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Infographic: The top global brands on LinkedIn

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