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Campaign watch: Cats in hats make for stellar marketing
A CMO Show Blog Post
Campaign watch: Cats in hats...

In their first campaign for web domain provider GoDaddy, creative agency TBWA have finally answered that age old question: What happens when you put a hat on a cat? 

Moving away from more risqué past campaigns, GoDaddy has opted to use man’s (second) best friend, the cat, to launch its new campaign: “Go you. GoDaddy.” And creative doesn’t even begin to describe the first offering, a video and website crafted by TBWA\Chiat\Day New York.

The extended video (below) tells the life story of Johanna, a woman with a passion for hats and cats, who launched a website with GoDaddy to turn her business dream into a reality. With a focus on small business owners and entrepreneurs, the ad reflects the idea that;

Johanna has a passion for making hats for cats. GoDaddy helped her turn her crazy idea into a crazy successful business. It doesn’t matter how crazy your idea might be, if you think you can, we know you can. Go You. GoDaddy.

Take a look for yourself…


A new website was launched in conjunction with the video’s release last week, CatsWithHats.com, which features the Gato Chapeau story and merchandise. Visitors to the site can read all about Johanna’s story, purchase the hats from her video and even put a hat on your cat.

cats in hats video

According to the site, “Sometimes starting a new business is tough. Just imagine getting your cat to sit still for a fitting. Or building a website. But with GoDaddy’s help, CatsWithHats.com is now on a mission to be the finest purr-veyor of feline fashion and prêt-à-porter chapeaus.”

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Starting your own business takes a lot of work, said GoDaddy’s CMO, Phil Bienert, reflecting on theme of this campaign in a recent statement. “The people who take this leap and launch their idea have to believe in themselves even when their family and friends call them crazy. Our new campaign is inspired by that ‘against all odds faith,'” he said.

cats in hats video
The website, CatsWithHats.com, actually features interactive elements of the Gato Chapeau campaign.

This campaign looks to be the first step in a new direction for the web platform, which went public last year. According to inc.com, GoDaddy now boasts more than 14 million paying customers, the majority of them being small business owners with five or less employees.

“It expanded into 11 Asian markets just last month, and accounts for roughly half of all new registered domain names, up from 16 percent in 2005,” inc.com also reports.

Check out some of GoDaddy’s other cat-inspired marketing…

cats in hats video


cats in hats video


cats in hats video

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