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Welcome to Episode 6 of The CMO Show, a podcast about brand storytelling and the future of marketing.

Ben Wagner, commercial director at contactless communications company Tapit, joins Mark Jones to discuss the latest buzzwords in marketing, including the Internet of Things (IoT). Technology is getting smarter and it’s making the CMO’s job easier, once they get their head around it of course.

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Transcript excerpt:

Host: Mark Jones (MJ)

Guest: Ben Wagner (BW)

MJ: We’re marching forward into the era of the Internet of Things – another one of these buzzwords I’m sure gives marketers a headache. Why is it all the rage right now Ben, and why should marketers care?

BW: If you go back and think about this shift into IoT… Cloud computing was the thing in 2008 to 2010. Then it was all about big data in 2011 to 2013 and you know, both have been clearly defined and businesses have developed strategies and applications to capitalise on those technologies. Now in 2015, and going back to 2014,  it’s a defining time for IoT, things are becoming connected and intelligent; everything from fridges and cars to point of sale in street posters.

MJ: So I’m guessing NFC falls into this sector, right? What brands are actually on trend when it comes to IoT?

BW: Adidas is building NFC into footwear, apparel and sporting equipment in the hope of of connecting to consumers in a different way so they can continue the conversation. So the idea is that everything becomes connected and has a digital life.

MJ: So that all seems progressive in the NFC space, but what about other IoT things, so to speak – are there not challengers facing marketers about how to integrate this technology?

BW: I guess the challenge that you’re talking about is getting enough devices out there to give a critical mass and for people to kind of understand the concept that it’s here and it’s coming.

MJ: Should marketers just wait then, until it’s actually taken off then?

BW: I think if you want to strip it back more simply, there’s opportunities to use connected objects whether it’s an NFC tag or a Beacon in advertising materials or in aisle at a shopping centre, you can use that geo-location too, so by knowing where someone’s accessing that content. From a marketing point of view it allows the marketer then to be able to deliver tailored content or shape a conversation with a consumer knowing what they’re experiencing and where they’re experiencing it. So, if I’m in an aisle, for example, of a supermarket, I’m more likely to be interested in recipe ideas or product information from a brand that I’m standing in front of as opposed to if I’m walking down Pitt Street.


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