A CMO Show Blog Post
The Digest: What rugby can teach you about social media
A CMO Show Blog Post
The Digest: What rugby can...

We’ve rounded up all the news that’s fit to click this week in the world of marketing, PR and communications:

The (All) Black side of social media marketing: The Rugby World Cup

Aside from the remarkably high turnout, The Rugby World Cup is actually a social media marketing mega-success story. But just what does it take to build a strong reputation on and offline? Here are six lessons in social media marketing courtesy of the Rugby World Cup…

A war of attrition: Experts share their thoughts on ad-blocking warfare

It’s the debate currently rocking the world of digital publishing, so what happens when the leading industry professionals engaged in the war of ad-blocking sit down for a chat? Turns out their views aren’t as different as one would think… Read more.

Telling porkies: Australian Pork Limited bites back 

Recent research by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has uncovered that pork may play a significant role in the cause of cancer. The Australian pork marketing industry have responded, and they’re certainly not happy… Find out more here.

Back to the future: Content marketers predict what 2016 will hold

It’s been a mega year on the content marketing front, which means there is one big question burning in all of our minds – where to from here? Are ad-blockers going to run riot? Or will content marketing well and truly enter the mainstream? Prepare to be enlightened by 20 of the industry’s expert minds…

Why millennials want more from their marketing

Millennials have come to be known as the infamously untapped audience that brands just can’t seem to get their hands on. So what do millennials really want when it comes to marketing and advertising? The results are in, and they just might surprise you…

The science behind the most successful blog posts

The blog post has become a common art form amongst the content marketing clan, but is it at risk of over-exposure? Take a look here at the science behind the form so you can understand what works, what doesn’t, and why it might be time to mix things up a little…

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