A CMO Show Blog Post
Filtered Events: AdTech 2016 in under 5 minutes
A CMO Show Blog Post
Filtered Events: AdTech 2016 in...

Welcome to the Filtered Events series, a place where we curate all the latest and greatest trends, insights and innovations from industry events. This week we’re proud to bring you the lo-down from AdTech 2016. 

AdTech: a meeting of marketing minds. Once a year, the best and brightest marketers meet in Sydney for a two day innovation conference and exhibition designed by marketers, for marketers. This year the programme was made up of thought leaders and business operators who are paving the path for the future of marketing. With a strong focus on the digital space and how to capitalise on its infinite capabilities, Ad Tech 2016 provided insights and innovations that were too good to not share.

#AdTech2016 on content marketing 

#AdTech2016 on personalisation 

#AdTech2016 on native advertising

#AdTech2016 on social media

#AdTech2016 on customer centricity

#AdTech2016 on word of mouth marketing 

#AdTech2016 on the digital & mobile experience

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