A CMO Show Blog Post
The leadership toolbox: Everything you need to know
A CMO Show Blog Post
The leadership toolbox: Everything you...

Being a leader may appear to be an alluring and glamorous, but it can be a very tough gig not least of all because being a leader requires you to be on the ball, visible, commanding and ever-present. Here are all the tools you need to pull this off in the 21st century…

Personal attributes

Business leaders are expected to know and do a lot of things. However, the difference between a good manager (who delivers according to plan) and a great manager, who can inspire everyone around him, is not a question of knowledge or even about execution. It is a question of personality.

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Business goals 

Thought leadership isn’t about putting your personal needs first — the purpose is to educate your audience, question the status quo, and become a trusted source for information. And this valuable marketing ammo will fortify your business goals.

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Running the show

“I was sent this lovely story in the post recently from Mr. Goldfinger who attended a presentation that I did at the Clemenger Auditorium in May for Latrobe University; on the ethical transformation of business,” writes Red Balloon founder, Naomi Simson.

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Stepping aside

A strong leader’s brand is associated with words like intelligence, inspiration, vision, and influence. It’s true – these qualities define how a leader shows up at work. But what do they mean – if anything – to how a leader actually impacts the work? How she encourages people toward desired outcomes? How he creates an environment where talent feels respected, valued, and fully utilised?

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Knowing the difference

Recently, I was working with a client who was looking to make a major a change in the direction of their business. They knew they needed to make the change, and yet in their words, ” ‘I’ve never done anything this big before and the risk is enormous. What if this is the biggest mistake of my career. There are so many things to do and think about.’ ” Leadership coach Oscar Trimboli shares insights…

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