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Lessons in PR: How to manage an overseas event
A CMO Show Blog Post
Lessons in PR: How to...

Event management is daunting enough without the added stress of different timezones, unknown locations and new faces. Read on as PR account manager and all-round event guru, Isabella Rousis, shares some of her expertise when it comes to pulling off an event from anywhere in the world… 

Event management is one of those aspects of PR that is both loved and loathed. The blood, sweat and tears of the organisation is often met with tears of joy when it’s all finally executed.

Anyone who has ever planned an event knows how important it is to take a hand on approach and be across every minute detail, from scouting the location to the presentation of the product at the event.

how to manage an overseas event
NSW Premier Mike Baird speaking at the IJM Premier’s Breakfast.

So when you are tasked with managing an event that is separated by a large body of water and three hours of international travel, where do you start?

Here are my top tips…

1. Do your groundwork

Ok, so you can’t literally be on the ground, but dive in and really get to know your new city. What’s trending in their media? Who is everybody talking about? Where are the places to be seen right now? These are all questions that will help you determine the perfect idea, guest list and location for your event.

2. Build relationships

Jump on the phone, engage on social media and send emails to the people you want to build relationships with. If you start doing this months in advance of your event you can build a really solid relationship with the media and influencers you’d like to work with.

Having these solid relationships makes inviting people and getting them to attend your even a whole lot easier, especially when you’d both really like to meet each other!

how to manage an overseas event
When it comes to events, attendance is everything meaning that building enduring relationships with influencers will be your ticket to the top.

3. Be clever about your space

When event planning, you would ideally have visited a handful of venues to determine the best one for your needs. But when planning something internationally you don’t have this luxury. Team up with a venue that offers excellent event management that can really assist you. You may want to have lunch at one of the coolest cafés in town, but a lunch at a hotel may be easier to manage with their staff already trained in handling event requests.

4. Have the support structures in place back home

If you make it over to attend the event yourself, have your team fully briefed back in the office as to your movements. This includes detailed call sheets, run sheets, contact names and numbers. That way, if anything needs to be facilitated on a whim, it can be done!

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5. Keep in touch

Post event, it’s absolutely vital to keep the conversation flowing with the media and influencers who attended. A big and genuine thank you to those who attended can go a long way. Once these relationships have been set in stone, it’s a great way for you to keep your ears to the ground about what’s going on internationally.

how to manage an overseas event
When it comes to contacts don’t burn your bridges; you never know where they might lead!

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