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Be prepared: Five killer job interview questions
A CMO Show Blog Post
Be prepared: Five killer job...

No matter which side of the interview table you’re on, be prepared with these five killer job interview questions from motivational speaker James Caan CBE…

We’re all familiar with the typical interview jargon, questions like “tell me about yourself” and “what’s your five year plan?” that you’re almost guaranteed to be asked in any interview you attend. Preparation is key so I’d expect every candidate to prepare answers for these sorts of questions, but you’d be surprised at how many people trip up here because they clearly haven’t thought long enough about a strategic, informative and concise answer.

job interview questions

Interviews are all about getting to know your character and deciding if you’re a good fit for the business. Nine times out of ten, the interviewer will know if they’re going to hire you the moment you walk out of the room so every minute should be treated like a pitch, like you’re selling yourself in front of a few dragons.

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