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10 tips for launching your own podcast
A CMO Show Blog Post
10 tips for launching your...

Next to video, podcasts are one of the fastest growing ways to reach the masses. They create meaningful engagement, foster two-way dialogue and communicate large scale ideas quickly and simply. Filtered Media’s chief storyteller and lord of all-things-podcasting, Mark Jones, shares his top tips for starting your own show…

Podcast consumption is growing at 25 percent a year, and more than half of all active podcast listeners buy something in response to a sponsor’s message, reports Edison Research.

No wonder podcasting is back on the content marketing agenda.

But saying you’re going to get into podcasting and actually doing something about it are two entirely different things.

From the outset, marketers have the choice of sponsoring a show that reaches their target market, or going the DIY route.

In my book, the more compelling option is doing it yourself. Create a show, develop an audience, and promote your company in an appropriate way.

Here’s a few quick ideas to think about on the journey:

  1. You’re not creating the next Serial – yet. Podcasting fame doesn’t come quickly – plan to stick at this for at least 6 months to a year.
  2. Determine your ROI metrics up front. How will the podcast bring traffic back to your site, and can you track how those visitors become subscribers, leads, or customers?
  3. Get your hands on some good measurement tools like Feedburner, Google Analytics, Capture by 44 Doors, and a good file hosting platform that gives you detailed stats.
  4. Find a good storyteller. Are you the best person to host the show, or is there someone else within the organisation? Is it better to use a production agency?
  5. It’s not about you. Do you have a very clear picture of your target audience? Make the show about them and their needs.
  6. Do your homework. Listen to lots of podcasts and think about their style, structure and the core elements that make it work.
  7. Delegate responsibilities unless you want to burn out in a hurry. Gather a handful of people who can help plan, organise, record and edit the show.
  8. Record a pilot. Give it a go without the pressure of thinking it will be published. Test, refine and re-record until you’re happy.
  9. Record a few shows in advance to give you a buffer. It takes time to get organised and it’s less stressful to have podcasts banked up ready to roll.
  10. Above all, have fun. If you’re not having fun, no one else will!  


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