A CMO Show Blog Post
Marketers you’re on notice: We’re hyper-connected and pissed off
A CMO Show Blog Post
Marketers you’re on notice: We’re...

It’s not enough to be polite, respond quickly, apologise and ‘be human’. Now brands have to understand and overcome the impatience and angry reactionism of hyper-connected communities in collective crisis, says Mark Jones.

I stumbled across an awesome pie chart the other day titled ‘Outcome of Political Arguments on Facebook‘. Broken out are three options: “You change your mind; They change their mind; No one changes anything and everyone’s pissed”.

You know this story, right? We’re all busy sharing, reading, commenting and gasping when our opinions collide. It’s Trump vs. Clinton, Liberal vs. Labor, conservatives vs. liberals, East vs. West, etcetera.

Amid all the noise is anyone actually changing their views or exploring an alternative perspective? Are we getting anywhere in all of this? Nope.

The sad reality is we’re just getting really pissed off at the world. I’ve been there.

You’ve probably joined one of these debates. Maybe you wanted to voice your sadness, disgust and anger at one of the many global and national events that fill us with shock and awe.

Instead you found yourself caught in a tornado of capital letters and angry or belittling responses. So many feelings.

So then, what to make of all this?

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