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The challenge of being a modern marketer is staying connected with more people, staying on top of a million emails, making time for face-to-face networking that is effective and efficient, and getting productivity out of the whole of your life – not only your work.

In this week’s episode of The CMO Show, hosts Mark and JV are joined by world productivity and time management expert, Cyril Peupion, who teaches them all about the zone of peak performance and what it means to think quarterly, plan weekly and act daily. He also shares thoughts from his book, Work Smarter, Live Better.

“We’ve seen the evolution from office to open plan, from open plan to activity based, and from activity based to more and more flexible working where you can work from home,” Cyril says. “That’s great but there’s a danger. If you are putting collaboration in front of focus you actually in the end killing collaboration as well.”

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Want more from Cyril? Check out our Q&A with him: Work Smarter: Live Better – 5 minutes with productivity expert Cyril Peupion



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