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Welcome to Episode 8 of The CMO Show, a podcast about brand storytelling and the future of marketing.

This week’s guest, Author, Mentor, Leadership Coach and Speaker, Oscar Trimboli, debunked one of the biggest myths about mentoring in the marketing landscape when he dropped in for a chat with host Mark Jones. Oscar also shared some insights from his 30 plus years in the corporate space including what you can learn from Steve Jobs, calligraphy and Leonardo Da Vinci’s business card…

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Transcript excerpt:

Host: Mark Jones (MJ)

Guest: Oscar Trimboli (OT)

MJ: If you look at the marketing landscape, we’re actually a really eclectic collection of people. Some of us come from media, some of us come from the tech background, some of us are creatives or maybe even economists. My question, in that context, is whether the words and jargon that hold us all together, that we’re all trying to understand, is actually, ironically, keeping us apart?

OT: It’s not ironic. In fact it plays – it’s one of my favourite stories. If Leonardo Da Vinci had a business card today what would it say? Because if you imagine Leonardo Da Vinci’s business card when he was travelling around it would say, ‘I’m an architect, I’m a sculptor, I’m a writer, I’m a visionary, I’m all these things.’ Through 200 years of industrialisation, centralisation, militarisation and organisational design, Da Vinci was a great integrator. Yet the design of organisations in the last century and a half through the industrial revolution has disintegrated us. It’s moved us away from our core being and put us into skills compartments.

One of the really critical skills, when you think about your professional development plan as a marketer going forward, is your ability to integrate. It’s your ability to integrate your brand with your agency, your brand with your customers, your brand with your marketplace, your brand with developments in science, your brand with development in data. We’re going through the second renaissance age now, where integration is going to matter more than ever, and it’s your ability to pull eclectic things together that’s really going to differentiate yourself.


MJ: Who are the best people to be coached? Is it just a junior thing; juniors coming on and they need to sort of develop their career?

OT: Coaching is for everyone. Most people would know that they can always improve and what it comes back to is, have you got a fixed mindset for learning or have you got a growth mindset for learning? But I actually want to flip your dimension: it’s not something for the juniors. In fact, I’ve built a portfolio of mentors who are in their teenage years, their 20s, their 30s and their 40s to coach me, because I can learn from them things that are happening in their world that are going to be relevant to my clients. So call it reverse mentoring if you want, but it’s having a mindset of a learner to go the previous generation can teach me through wisdom, the next generation can teach me through their vision.



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