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Marketers today face so many distractions that it’s increasingly difficult to strike a balance between work and life, setting and achieving goals and maintaining focus and motivation. 

This week, Glenn Dobson, managing director of the KONA Group and Iron Man triathlete, chats to co-hosts Mark Jones and JV Douglas about staying motivated, why empowerment is a redundant concept in HR and how to set new goals and challenges.

Glenn’s ability to structure his week around the four “big rocks” in his life – work, training, family and coaching – have allowed him to pursue his dreams of becoming a Kona Iron Man triathlete and world-leading sales coach. This structure, he says, is integral to keeping himself motivated and avoiding the burnout that so many marketers and executives experience.

“People often say, ‘how do you fit it all in?’ I train 16 hours a week for Iron Man and I spend a huge amount of time with my family.  I run a business and I spend lots of time with clients. I don’t get bogged down in the minutia, I don’t get bogged down in the little things that can take up time.”

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