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The move from CMO to CEO is one that’s becoming increasingly common, as customer experience continues to drive brand growth and awareness. 

This week, in a CMO Show exclusive, Nick Baker sheds light on his recent transition from CMO at Tourism Australia to CEO at Australia’s leading gift experience retailer, RedBalloon. Crediting his strong creative background as having prepared him for the move, Baker talks about the knowledge it takes to succeed at the leadership table, as well as why brands have more success when they listen to their customers. It’s imperative to take note of what a customer thinks of your brand, rather than what you want them to think, he said.

“If you start with the notion that CMOs really are guardians of the customer, if you understand that your business is being driven by the customer and you’re a customer centric organisation, then it doesn’t seem such a long step to have a head of marketing, who is really a head of customer, as your leader.”

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