A CMO Show Blog Post
The weekly digest: GoPro is the ultimate content company
A CMO Show Blog Post
The weekly digest: GoPro is...

All the news that’s fit to click this week in the world of marketing, PR and communications:

Burberry and Snapchat rule the runway

There’s a new frontier in the fashion world and it’s disrupting the space completely: Snapchat. When the social platform teamed up with designer label Burberry this week to preview their collection ahead of London Fashion Week, it blew everybody’s minds…

The calendar question: How to handle a crazy content production schedule

It’s a common struggle amongst content marketers and digital natives, and there’s a simple solution that you’re probably overlooking. Eric Siu, CEO of Single Grain, shares his learnings on effectively managing the calendar, lest it control you.

Instagram has hit 400 million users

Valued at more than $35 billion, it seems there’s little standing in the way of Instagram. But what might be surprising is that the biggest growth areas continue to come from countries like Japan, Brazil and Indonesia, highlighting the value of social across the globe.

Infographic: Social media marketing in 2015

Want to know how social media marketing is set to change in 2016? You need look no further than the year that’s been…

Why GoPro is the new king of content marketing

There’s a reason why GoPro is consistently ranked among YouTube’s Top 10 Brands, the same reason that drives their content marketing strategy: User-generated content. It’s short, simple and this is why GoPro has all the advantage when it comes to successfully marketing their product…

The value is the wall, not the brick: Robert Rose

“One brick in a pile is just a brick. One brick in the wall of a house is a key piece of a valuable building.” Robert Rose shares his thoughts on the value of content marketing as a building process…

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