A CMO Show Blog Post
The Digest: How to succeed at global native advertising
A CMO Show Blog Post
The Digest: How to succeed...

All the news that’s fit to click this week in the world of marketing, PR and communications:

Taking Native Advertising To The Global Stage
– Native advertising has seen success with many audiences, but isn’t automatically scalable to a global level. When done right, as with last year’s Snapchat campaigns for Ouija or Dumb and Dumber To, we’ve seen how effective native can be. In those cases native advertising secured a 13 percent increase in cinema turnout among exposed audiences, according to Millward Brown–a good result for any campaign and also one small example of how native has truly become an embedded marketing tactic.

Marketers target social media influencers: Why your business should consider doing the same – Australian businesses are increasingly spending their marketing budget on creating branded content to engage social media users with large and engaged audiences, or ‘influencers’.

The Idiot’s Guide To Google’s Change To Alphabet – Why would one of the world’s biggest brands (Google) suddenly decide on a name change (to Alphabet)? We’re not sure either. Here, B&T takes a look at the 10 reasons behind the move and why it’s set to make the founders even more obscenely wealthy than they already are…

Seven’s Cats Program Beats Nine’s The Hotplate – The preliminary figures from OzTam show Cats make you laugh out loud was the most watched non-news program for the night, achieving nearly one million viewers (917,000 according to OzTam).

What Makes A Brand Cool? – In today’s marketplace of constant change and technological advances that flatten society, many consumers want to “be cool.” Being cool offers a way for them to impress and interact with others and to define and feel good about themselves.

Twitter Removes 140 Character Restriction From Direct Messages
 – Twitter has taken away the limitation of 140 characters in its direct messaging offering, meaning you can now chat away with people in the privacy of your own message.

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