A CMO Show Blog Post
The IoT of it all: How smart things are changing our world
A CMO Show Blog Post
The IoT of it all:...

No one really knows how many “things” there are deployed today that have IoT characteristics. IDC’s 2013 estimate was about 9.1 billion, growing to about 28 billion by 2020 and over 50 billion by 2025.  So what are all these IoT things doing and why are they there?

Here’s our attempt to map out the IoT landscape.

There exist many organisational approaches to the constituent parts of IoT. Breaking it down, IoT can be applied to individual people, their surroundings (vehicles and homes), the organisation of those surroundings (towns and cities and the highways and other transit systems that connect them), the range of social activities (essentially commerce, but also travel, hospitality, entertainment and leisure) that go on in those surroundings and the underpinnings of those activities (“industrial” including agriculture, energy and transport and logistics).

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